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As dear readers will have already seen, this blogsite is critical of everything to do with Filipinos and the Philippines.  It does not mean it will say bad things directly, but whatever we publish will  be a critique of an event, a speech, whatever.  It is critical because we aim to change the way Filipinos behave for the better, and for the good of the home country.  A gargantuan task, you might say, but then life is not simple. 


We are based in our host countries in Europe where freedom, democracy and human rights reign, and the value of life is sacrosanct.  Where the Philippines and Filipinos deviate from this, we will be here to challenge.  Where corruption rears its ugly head, we will be here to expose it.  Where good manners are lacking, perhaps a reminder would be good.  Where extra judicial killings take place, we will be here to challenge it and ask for it to stop or be stopped.

As for China illegally occupying Philippine islands and threatening the sovereignty of our home country, we will be here to call them out.

We hope you, dear readers, will join us in providing information, entertainment, challenges, think pieces, inspiration etc.  It could be an essay, article, poetry, short story, translation,  pictures, art etc, whatever you fancy really so long as it involves Filipinos and the Philippines.   We will invite contributions from writers on social media, and other media/press when we know they have something significant to say.

And by the way, we dislike fake news and purveyors of such.  So you can be sure none of those who create and spread fake news will be welcome on our pages.

Salamat po and mabuhay!

Gene Alcantara

Editor, Filipino Chronicles


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