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Let's not play into the hands of our enemies

OUR ENEMIES want nothing better than to divide us. The principle behind this is so time-tested that the resulting mottoes have become battle clichés: United we stand, divided we fall. In unity there is strength. The villainous, for their part, can be counted on to turn what is positive into something dark, sinister, Machiavellian. For instance, their kind have whipped up from the aforementioned affirmative realizations a strategy of evident vile intent: Divide and rule. So we would be foolish not to expect our enemies in this fight to do just that: Infiltrate our ranks, plant spies in our midst who will at appointed junctures sow mutual doubt, mutual suspicion, mutual distrust and even mutual condemnation within our ranks. The result would be a debilitating, demoralizing atmosphere that can do either or both of these: (1) reduce our numbers by driving away those unwilling or perhaps constitutionally unable to withstand such a hostile climate; and/or (2) weaken our force by distracting our focus and dissipating our energies on conflicts among ourselves. So how do we avoid playing into our enemies' hands? What do we do when we come upon seemingly incontrovertible evidence that someone within our ranks is "dishonest, untrustworthy, deceptive, mercenary (bayarán), isang espiya, DDS yata o DDS talagang talaga, Marcos loyalist pala ang lintek, GMA supporter palang balatkayo lang ang kumag, komunistang nagpapanggap lang na RORO..."? I propose the following guidelines: (1) Talk DIRECTLY to the suspected party. Confront him or her with those "signs" that seem "proof" of his or her "dishonesty" and being "a spy" or a "bayaran", a DDS or a supporter of the Closet Chekwa, of BBM, of GMA, or all of the above. This is part of giving our fellow warriors the benefit of the doubt. I mean, would we not be walking straight into enemy camp if we were to be so rash as to condemn and discredit a kasamahan without giving him or her a chance to defend him-or herself? I thought we were for due process and giving suspects their day in court? (2) BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER talking with the suspected party, let's keep an open mind instead of making up our mind and being sure that, "Aha! Huli ka! Sabi ko na nga ba e!" (3) Let's keep in mind that UNLESS and UNTIL we have developed the supernatural gift of peering into the heart and mind of a fellow human, of determining with finality our kapwa's intent--then we stand to make the grievous mistake of accusing someone FALSELY and UNJUSTLY. Remember that under the law, which we purport to be fighting for, a person must be proven guilty BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. (4) Let us treat one another as though we were blood relations or close friends. Would YOU be so rash in judging your own spouse, sweetheart, child, sibling, mom, dad, etc.? Are we not supposed to have one another's back, be protective toward one another, instead of treating one another as though they were our kaaway/kalaban? How on earth do we win this war--any war--if we're ever ready to train our sights on our fellow combatants, and worse, if we're ready, at the drop of a tanim-bala, so to speak, to shoot down our ka-hanay? (4) Okey, but WHAT IF, sobrang dami na ng proof/evidence na ESPIYA or BAYARAN, or DISHONEST ang isang kasama? Well, let me make this clear: I am NOT for allowing persons of that sort to prevent any of us or the resistance as a whole from effectively carrying on our fight. I am simply saying that we must exercise the utmost care to ferret out the truth FIRST-- and NOT in the following counterproductive ways: (a) telling OTHERS our doubts WITHOUT ever talking with the suspected party directly; (b) ISOLATING suspected parties OUTRIGHT by blocking them, going on a whispering campaign against them in our GCs, WITHOUT first hearing them out. Let's also keep in mind that NONE of us is PERFECT. That means that every single one of us CAN at one time or another be FALSELY ACCUSED. Every single one of us can make a mistake that could be taken as "PROOF" that we are a "spy", "bayaran", "dishonest". In fact, right now, I have once again become prey to the paranoid thought that--- ohh, but I REFUSE to entertain that thought. Otherwise, I'd be breaking the guidelines I just recommended. Sa mga kasama sa ating laban: Hindi po makakabuti sa ating panig na padalus-dalos na magduda at magbintang SA ATING SARILING HANAY. INGATAN natin ang ating mga kasama.

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