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What I whispered in Satur Ocampo's ear

[Reposting Ma Socorro Naguit's Facebook post, including reactions as of 23 Sep 2018, 12:00pm]] What I Whispered in Satur Ocampo's Ear at the Luneta Last Night (i.e., Sept 21, 2018) Yesterday evening, before we--my friend Marlene (fellow patriot and volunteer sharer of Christ and the Church's teachings) and I-- left Luneta, I had a chance to approach Satur Ocampo and whisper something in his ear. First, this context: I respect and admire Satur Ocampo for his unflagging commitment to his ideal of a classless society. Satur was the Assistant Business Editor of the highly respected pre-martial law Manila Times when I joined the paper as a Researcher. I was 21 years old and had just dropped out of the Ateneo De Manila University Graduate School where I had been studying for a Master of Science in Social Psychology after earning my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from my beloved Far Eastern University. Satur and his girlfriend then, fellow journalist and leftist, and now spouse Carolina "Bobbie" Malay took me with them a couple of times to the house of the revered labor leader-poet Ka Amado Hernandez and his wife, Ka Atang de la Rama. Those memories are vague. I bring these up only as a background to what I want to share. Satur is dear to me as a former co-employee at the pre-ML Manila Times, as a kababayan who has manifested a sustained love of country, and as a journalist who chose to risk his career, personal safety, even his life for his dream when he went underground upon the declaration of Martial Law in September 1972. I looked up to Jose Ma. Sison, Satur, and the Left for their egalitarian ideals in my youth. I would say that I have more respect for them even now than for the TRAPOS, for the Dictator-Plunderer Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, his excessively, insensitively, extravagant wife Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos, Juan Ponce Enrile, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and husband Mike Arroyo, the despicable Kalamidad mula sa Davao and his spawns, the Girl with the Tattooed Leg, the Son with the Dragon Tattoo on his Back, and the publicity-shy former boyfriend of Ellen Adarna; the Disgustingly Opportunistic Harry Roque who has shown the world he will defend even Lucifer when the opportunity presents itself; and the entire menagerie of shameless sub-human creatures now having their fill at the troughs that they have turned government office into. Having said all that, let me make clear: I am neither a socialist nor a communist. But I would sooner try to see if socialism/communism will work in our kawawang laging pinagsasamantalahang bayan, IF the masses succeed in mounting a revolution and if such a revolution is led by the Philippine Left INDEPENDENTLY of Communist China--if THAT is possible!--THAN allow the Marcoses and the Arroyos to return to power and for the Dutertes, the Filipino dynasties, the insatiable, cowardly, asslicking trapos like Gordog, Sotto, Gatchalian, Villanueva, AND Xi Jin Ping to lord it over us and continue their GREED-consumed, POWER-crazed, conscience-bereft EXPLOITATION of our people! Oh, wait. So what did I whisper in Satur's ear yesterday evening? Nothing earthshaking. Only this: "Satur, I respect and admire you and I believe you are sincere (in what you advocate). Pero bakit naman up to now US-Duterte pa rin ang sigaw ninyo? CHINA-Duterte dapat." I pointed out that many anti-Duterte Netizens have shied away from the Luneta because of the Left's refusal to condemn CHINA as a supporter of Duterte, and that as many if not more, including me, have that issue against the CPP-NDF-NPA, apart from their clearly supporting Duterte before the elections and until their recent supposed falling out. And to his credit, after initially trying to justify the Philippine Left's time-warped chant, saying that the people need to continue to be enlightened (words to that effect) about their focusing on the US as the enemy of our people, he did say (just to keep the peace, malamang) that he would discuss the point with his comrades. And there, for all its worth, is my little story from yesterday's pakikilahok sa paglaban sa mga Kaaway ng Inang Bayan. ****** Reactions/Comments Enrique Mendoza Dela Viña Sharing this. Ma Socorro Naguit Thank you, Eric. 😊 Nini Gaviola Mukhang hindi convinced si ka satur 😞 Ma Socorro Naguit Malalaman natin. Susan Quimpo Thank you for telling him that! I was there too yesterday and when the slogans:” Imperialismo,Peudalismo, Bureaucrata Capitalismo” were mouthed... my companions and I rolled our eyes Ma Socorro Naguit Sayang, hindi tayo nagkita. Saang banda kayo? Nenette Santiago Perez Ma Socorro Naguit I am sorry but I am not satisfied with his answer. But, I admire you more for having the guts to bring it up to him. There must be a more satisfying answer that must come from him. Susan Quimpo Ma Socorro Naguit front row, right in front of the stage. Joined the alums of science high schools Ave Lobrigo Galing and agree with the left and trapos points Ma Socorro Naguit Salamat, Ave. 👍🏼🌹 John Edward Castillo Madam thank you for raising this concern. Donnie Lim Thanks sis for sharing! Elsa Tolentino Thank you Tita Soc! 💙 Chà Chì Tsai ❤ Ma'am Soc. ❤ Aida Tanjuakio Santero Sis Soc your little whisper might become a bridge to walk on .+ Ma Socorro Naguit Sana nga, Aida. 🙏🏽 Zaldy Lo Austria I admire you mam. Ma Socorro Naguit Zaldy, hindi na ngayon? 😲 Sabi mo kasi "admired" eh. 😧 Zaldy Lo Austria Hahahaha Sensya na. Auto kasi keyboard ok. Hindi ko na na Check. Click agad. Ma Socorro Naguit Hahahaha... binibiro lang kita 😁 Cecilia Turner Ako din how can i support this leftist na duterte US ,the enemy is duterte china,i even suspect that they are being funded by china,never na naging kaaway US ,mali itong mga ccp n Jay N. Ramos replied · 2 Replies Robert Gaurino The US has distance itself from duts... Proof to the matter is that the recent landslide that occur in both northern and southern part of the country whereby much needed help was needed in terms of personnel, canine sniffing dogs and hdwe, choppers tha…See more Enrique Mendoza Dela Viña Nakikita na ang mga makakaliwa ay hindi naghahangad ng para sa bayan. Ang gusto lang nila ay isulong ang ideyolohiyang isinuka na ng ibang bansa. Carmelita Esporlas Vallega Whew. Ayun naman pala... Haba ng intro mo Soc.hahaha. Thanks for the whisper though hehe. Ma Socorro Naguit Parang di mo naman nagustuhan, Carms. 😏 Ok lang. 😒 Friend pa rin kita. 😃 Sayang di na kami naka-attend sa La Salle. Kelan tayo ulit mag-do-Dora the Explorer? 😀 Carmelita Esporlas Vallega Ma Socorro Naguit nagustuhan ko kaya. Educ Viloria We need a broad coalition to oust Duterte ! Each member of the same has interests which may be unnegotiable to others in the coalition. At this stage of the stuggle, highlighting such differences would weaken the coalition. The policy of " we fight together to weaken/neutralize Duterte and fight later when Duterte is already out " is a practical battle policy. Ma Socorro Naguit I agree, Ed. That is precisely why we were there. Nevertheless, we are free to let the Left know, aren't we, how much we (kami, if not you) are bothered by their denouncing the US as a "partner-in-crime" of Duterte, while keeping mum on China's blatant…See more Linda Zorilla Ma Socorro Naguit now is d enlightenment on my part why all these shoutings n slogans against US !!thnk u 4 your post ! Ma Socorro Naguit Carmelita Esporlas Vallega 😊 Evelyn Smith Thank you Ma SocorroNaguit for whispering to him, China is our enemy this time Zenaida M Carpio Yes .. thank you for raising that question US has been helping us unlike China .. Ma Elena Macario Villanueva China is the superpower now who wants to conquer the world! The left leaning organization pretend to be "makabayan"are supporter of Russia and China ! @ Ma Socorro Naguit Ma Socorro Naguit Sad to say, the CPP-NDF-NPA seems to have failed to feel the pulse of the majority of Filipinos. They must take the Filipino psychology and spirituality into account if they are to succeed. Ma Elena Macario Villanueva Ma Socorro Naguit yes I agree. As Christian Catholic, Filipinos are peace loving people ! Rowan Bas Satur and Sison are too dogmatic that they fail to see China's greed. They have the connections and why don't they plot to eliminate Digong? The NPA has the capability to do that without a frontal battle but in a discreet one. Ma Socorro Naguit If Joma, Satur, and the rest of the Philippine Left leadership want to chalk up a BIG point and get into the good graces of our suffering people at this juncture, let them save us from the M-A-D cabal (Marcoses-Arroyos-Dutertes) AND the clutches of China's imperialist Xi Jin Ping ang company. Norman Naguit Mr. Satur Ocampo realized that no amount of flowery words can convince you, tita Girlie..😀 Amor Velarde Ma Socorro, I read a post explaining US connection to all these...have you read it? I’ll try look it up and share it. These leftists have been friends with Communist China for a while thus they will be loyal to China; we do not expect them to be allies…See more Charit Buban Same sentiment here. "US imperialism" when this administration is obviously being supported by communist China? Jay N. Ramos Typical Leftist mindset.\ Ernest Hader Nakakalungkot lang sa mga leftists ay nun nagpatawag sila ng forum para sa mas epektibong galawan ng mamamayan, nagpapasaring pa rin ang pinuno nila sa mga dilawan ma tinatawag nilang burgis. Nakakalungkot dahil mahigit kalahati ng dumalo ay mga socmed warriors at isa pa ay target talaga na mahikayat ay mga kabataan. Sa UP ito ginanap. Jay N. Ramos The truth of the matter is that the Left has always had its own agenda. Alvi Cordero Me too Maam, still puzzled as to why the US -duterte are still in their minds! US has nothing to do with duterte Percy Reyes What good is a people's revolution if the people are POLITICALLY IGNORANT? They still would not understand government and governance. They would still be manipulated by whoever is in power - left, right , center, liberal, conservative, etc. - to solidi…See more Linda Zorilla Percy Reyes certainly true ! Jay N. Ramos Yes. A vibrant democracy should be the ultimate goal. However, there are some sectors (like those from the Left and the extreme right) who do not exactly believe in the democratic model. Which is why they will always bonk heads with pro-Dems. Daspalas Pitong Jay, with due respect, the Philippines is NOT and was NEVER A DEMOCRACY. The country’s so called “constitution or laws” are DICTATED by the ruling party as explicitly displayed in the Boy Kulimbat’s MICKEY MOUSE MAGNANAKAW ADMINISTRATION Percy Reyes Jay N. Ramos For as long as the majority of Filipinos opt for democracy then let us make it work as envisioned by the Greek political thinkers and philosophers. Strengthen the base (people) in political and democratic thoughts. Let the Left or Right compete in the public arena, but we are certain the people will have enough political knowledge to judge. Robert Kniazeff Lopez-Pozas Commies through and through Wilfredo G. Villanueva Wow. First, thank you for the preamble. One of the best, especially yung girl with tattooed legs. Second, thanks for whispering the question. Really, am I so geopolitically naive that I don't get "US-Duterte imperialism?" Naghalong tubig at langis! Imp…See more Reliza Kidd THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between communists in Europe and the communists of Joma's party with China. Communists in.Europe do not have a rogue bloody army that extorts money , kill civilians , engage in guerilla warfare or sell drugs for income to sustain their campaigns. Zeus Salazar Reliza Kidd O mas malala / malamang ay pinopondohan sila ng China. Punahin na hindi nila inaatake ang mga kapitalistang Intsik na nakahawak sa leeg ng ating ekonomiya. Kasama ba sila sa balak ni Duterte na gawing probinsya ng Tsina ang Pinas, kung saa…See more Reliza Kidd Exactly. Anselita Macahilig Dyan Din ako nA Bawasan ng tiwala sa kanila dahil dapat China-Duderte ibagsak. Mel Flores My thoughts exactly! Permission to share, please... Ma Socorro Naguit Sure. 👍🏼 Mel Flores Ma Socorro Naguit thanks! Ma Socorro Naguit Mel Flores You're welcome. Juju Sarona Paner Support Team.Pilipinas vs Team China ni Dutae! Zeus Salazar Tuloy nagsosospetsa ang marami na pinopondohan sila ng Tsina. Worse baka quinta columna sila ng Tsina at pag nilusob tayo nito sila ang magiging bagong NAKAPILI. Bayani Bayani Jr. Santos Jose Mario De Vega Ma Socorro Naguit Fifth Column? Magulo masyado ang utak ng Traydor na Tuta ni Xi. Tingin ko hindi makakaasa sila Joma at Satur o alinmang grupo o sinomang tao ng katapatan mula sa kanya. At sa tingin ko may totoong disgusto na rin sila Joma at Satur sa kanya. Pero malam…See more Gene Alcantara Thanks Ma Socorro Naguit. May I publish this? We actually had this absurd situation when we rallied against Duterte's extra-judicial executions etc in front of the UK Parliament. One of the left-wing participants who previously supported Duterte actually shouted "Down with US Imperialism" which confused the other protesters. Ma Socorro Naguit Gene Alcantara Yes, Gene. Thank you, as always. ❤️ Lee Paul Airolliv Update us madam. Kapangalan nyo pa ang mahal kong nanay. Ina C. Bulanhagui Style ng Leftist iyan, kunwari nasa middle sila or neutral sa lahat ng administration nanungkulan sa pilipinas. Pero as always, meron silang hidden agenda, that will serve their cause. Ma Socorro Naguit Actually, LAHAT ng naupong gobyerno ng Pilipinas ay ayaw nila. Bukod tangi ang administrasyon ng Traydor na Korap na kampanya pa lang ay may ugnayan na sila dahil nga dating propesor ng abogadong lawless si Joma.PERO sa tingin ko, totoong nakita na rin…See more Jozy Acosta-Nisperos Si Joma ba may isang salita? There is buzz about the peace talks resuming, watch the left slowly withdraw from protest actions in the coming weeks. Civil society opposition was merely used as pawns in their push and pull with Duterte. Ding Remigio Ang mga pangyayari nung 1986 ay pagpapakita ng tunay na anyo ng grupong kaliwa. Boycott sila sa eleksyon pero ng magkaroon ng pagkilos sa EDSA ay Cory na rin ang sigaw nila. Nakalaya silang lahat, pinagtiwalaan pero talagang pilit nilang itinutulak ang…See more Jozy Acosta-Nisperos Actually, mukhang madami pa silang naloloko. Ma Socorro Naguit Jozy Acosta-Nisperos Marami kasing desperado na sa kaka-asang mabago ang buhay nila sa kasalukuyang sistema. Lest anyone think that Joma, Satur, et al., have won me over, let me make even clearer that I think any undertaking is doomed if it is spearhea…See more Ina C. Bulanhagui Correct ta Soc Ma Socorro Naguit! Ibinoto si digong for a "change" daw para maiba naman daw! Ayun, naiba nga! Akala nila digong will make their dream of a change happen in an instance? Lol Jozy Acosta-Nisperos Hindi lang ang sumasama sa hanay nila ang naloloko nila. nyo yan lagi pwede po ba sis Soc Ma Socorro Naguit Ikaw din, Jun Sikat. 😁 Nuj Takis E di mga traidor sila Odnuges Onarabab Yes it puzzles me sometimes and i likewise uttered the same question: why the left still has an anti-US sentiments when in fact, the US has distanced itself from du30... Why US-du30? Myrna Edem klarong klaro po. . nakikilahok sila para sa kanilang sariling agenda. HINDI DUTERTE- US, KUNDI DUTERTE -CHINA ANG KALABAN. mulat na mulat si Mr. Satur Ocmapo na sinakop na ng china ang ating mga isla. kung mahal nya ang bayan dapat isa sya sa mga nagagalit sa pangyayari ;( Jozy Acosta-Nisperos Hmm. Didn't Satur support Manny Villar - epitome of capitalist elite - during the 2010 elections and run on the same senatorial slate as BBM? There waa even a photo of him with BBM on a stage with raised hands. If he can bend his principles for politics, you'd think he'd ba able to bend his ideology to be responsive to the times. Odnuges Onarabab Jozy Acosta-Nisperos the chameleons, frustrating at times when you think they are within our advocacies... Typical of Philippine politicians (most, if not all). Jozy Acosta-Nisperos I never thought that they were within our advocacies :) The EJKs had been going on for more than a year before they decided to speak out on it. That was because Duterte had ended the peace talks. Watch them pull out of protest actions when peace talks …See more Odnuges Onarabab Jozy Acosta-Nisperos you're right. I too have a trivial experience with their real intent, but that experience was impressed into my memory and never left (a long story)... Sibyl Jade Peña Money changes hands when the left joins a politicians platform. Arroyo "donated" money for their support when she ran for President and after she won sicced the military to them. FPJ couldn't come up with money as a candidate. …See more Gemino H Abad THANKS for sharing! For me, there is only one "ideology": Human Rights. "Ubuntu," says Nelson Mandela: "I am because we are." Emmie G. Velarde My knee-jerk reaction was: This should be published! Na-trafik ako dun, at di na nakausad. 😢 Dick Malay Your sentiments and questions Soc will be addressed in the book I will complete as a personal contribution to inang bayan's tortuous journey of survival from the left and the right's struggle for the appropriation of state power and its people's minds…See more Alice J Pasia Mahihirapan po siraan ng komunista ang kapwa nila komunista! Sylvia E. Claudio Loved this thread. My only addition is not all who call themselves leftists are from the CPP NPA NDF. I first got badly trolled not by the DDS but waaay before because I was being critical and self reflective of my group of leftists (Akbayan) and the national democratic activists decided I was criticizing them, because, well they have a franchise on that term. In other news, I still have not convinced my comrades in Akbayan to give up on the label "left" to avoid confusion and bickering.

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