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ICC should now proceed to a Full Investigation

UPDATE ON 19 JUNE 2018. The Supreme Court, in a similar 8-6 vote in May 2018, confirmed the ouster of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. A month after the ouster decision, the High Court denied Sereno's motion for reconsideration of their decision to remove her from office based on a quo warranto petition triggered by the Duterte administration claiming hers was an invalid appointment 6 years after the event. Truly a sad day for Philippine Justice! But this decision makes our ICC petition even more urgent. ---------- Dear all Please find herewith our latest petition to the ICC to move as quickly as possible to the investigation phase on the crimes against humanity complaint against President Duterte and his cohorts. It is clear that with the tragically laughable decision by the Supreme Court to grant the time-barred Quo Warranto petition to remove CJ Sereno from office on 11 May 2018, they have proven that domestic courts are no longer functioning in the country and they will not entertain any complaints about EJKs (extra-judicial killings) or SSKs (state-sponsored killings) in the Philippines. Please kindly share as widely as possible to those who share our concerns for democracy, human rights and the value of Filipino lives. Those who wish to please sign the petition -- you only need to indicate your names and locations as a Comment in the original Facebook post, or send me a message with just a name and location. We will collate the "signatures", as below, and pass them on to the ICC until they launch a Full Investigation into the Philippine situation. Salamat po! Gene Alcantara DAMPi Coalition ============= PETITION TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) PHILIPPINE JUSTICE SYSTEM RENDERED INUTILE BY SUPREME COURT VOTE: ICC SHOULD NOW PROCEED TO A FULL INVESTIGATION Today we mourn the abyss to which the Philippine justice system has sunk. The shocking vote in May 2018 by 8 Supreme Court Justices to allow the petition to remove Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno from her position on 11 May 2018 has dealt a death blow to judicial independence in the Philippines. By granting it, the Chief Justice was effectively voted out of office by the Quo Warranto petition filed by the Solicitor General who was following the order of President Rodrigo Duterte to remove her from position. Quo Warranto is a way of questioning the eligibility of a public official, saying that the appointment of the Chief Justice was invalid, although it happened six years ago. Experienced constitutionalists argued that the quo warranto petition was time-barred and that the right avenue to remove the Chief Justice was through impeachment in the Senate, to give her the right to defend herself, to no avail. It is a sad day indeed for Philippine democracy as people saw how the very Justices who they expected would uphold the law, were prevailed upon by a sitting President to violate their own rules. The above is an indication that there is effectively no more justice in the country, but only the whims of a dictatorial president. They have effectively handed to the president control of the three branches of government, hitherto separate: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. What the vote by the Supreme Court to oust the Chief Justice, using a time-barred petition at the instigation of the government, means is that the Duterte administration can now get away with everything that they do. The only consolation to critics is the realization that this development is crucial to the charge of crimes against humanity filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Duterte administration: there is no longer any doubt that domestic courts are no longer functioning and will not entertain any complaints about the state-sponsored killings in the Philippines. The extrajudicial or state-sponsored killings have not stopped at all, with an estimated 23,000 victims so far (up from the estimated 13,000 we reported in our first petition to the ICC in September 2017). As Gary Alejano, an opposition Congressman, said recently, people are at a loss where to go if members of their family fell victim to the war on drugs. “They cannot go to police because they are involved, they cannot go to the Department of Justice because the Secretary will say there’s no such thing as extrajudicial killing. And when we request an investigation from the House of Representatives, we cannot get an impartial hearing because they are covering up for the president.” As you know President Duterte has already put into motion action to withdraw the Philippines from the ICC in order to avoid being prosecuted by your good selves. We therefore now appeal to the ICC to hasten its preliminary examination and move promptly to the investigation phase because the impunity with which the President and his supporters kill and deny, will simply get worst with the loss of the Supreme Court as a reliable court of justice. It is only the ICC who can come to the aid of the country at this difficult time. Please save Filipino lives! Yours sincerely Gene Alcantara Chair DAMPi Coalition London On behalf of Filipinos and friends around the world who believe in freedom, justice, democracy and human rights Notes:

  1. Please note that the original petition was first circulated on Facebook in September 2017 and we attached the signatures of c 1,700 people who signed the petition then, together with support from some c 2,000 supporters from up to today’s date.

  2. We provide herewith further a list of names and locations/countries where indicated of people who signed the second petition on Facebook as well as 600+ others who shared it with their friends and numerous other Facebook groups. We estimate that potentially the second petition has been seen by at least 600,000 people, and it continues to be shared across social media.

  3. The list of signatories and those who shared the petition will continue to be updated in this website: until the ICC Full Investigation commences.

INDIVIDUAL SIGNATORIES 1. Gene Alcantara, London, UK 2. Liza Lopez Pedersen, Skane, Sweden 3. John Michael Cordova Logronio Pieta, Malta 4. Maris Hidalgo , Paris, France 5. Marlie Torres, East Lothian, Scotland 6. Min Dar Darmin Riñon, Belgium 7. Jov Quio, Dublin, Ireland. 8. Boy Aguilar, Bahrain 9. Hayde Scargill, Kent, UK 10. Bella Sanchez Bacasen, Athens, Greece 11. Marita Nucum, Birmingham, UK 12. Lilja Vedis Holmsdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland 13. Evangeline Rebot Jorquia, Sweden 14. Jennifer Lapinig Icao-Calleja, Malta 15. Cora Ravendran, London, UK 16. Zenaida Escudero Delector 17. Arlene Gonzaga Roble, Paris, France 18. Zaldy Juganas, Stratford, London 19. Jennifer Bichara, Naga City, Philippines 20. Rosalinda Cruz, England, UK 21. Edgardo Matibag, Quezon City 22. Mongsie Wulff, Manila, Philippines 23. Carja Labab Barbara Infante, London, UK 24. Carmen Legarda, London, UK 25. Regina Sy-Facunda Dy Seng, Quezon City, Philippines 26. Pinky Amador, Manila, Philippines 27. Cynthia Talamor, Hong Kong 28. Charito del Carmen, Tokyo, Japan 29. Lorna del Carmen, Tokyo, Japan 30. Erika del Carmen, Tokyo, Japan 31. Edna del Carmen, Tokyo, Japan 32. Maria Elizabeth Embry, Antioch, California, USA 33. Ed David, London, UK 34. Liezel Longboan, Manchester, UK 35. Espie Cerico, Paris, France 36. Miletsky Casilihan, Paris, France 37. Crislen Cabrera, The Netherlands 38. Felisa Puso Masilang, Paris, France 39. Romeo Velasco, Paris, France 40. Mamita C Corales, Paris, France 41. Wilma Schmitz, Paris, France 42. Goryu Salbaku, Netherlands 43. Emily Banzuela-Bradley, Laguna, Philippines 44. Georgina Durrant, England, UK 45. Rose Lim, Paris, France 46. Myra Villegas, Fourage, France 47. Emily Solis, Paris, France 48. Vange Lara, USA 49. Myra de Villa, London, UK 50. Pops Torita de Wit, Palawan, Philippines 51. Evelyn Smith 52. Merlita Lorena-Tariman 53. Olive Tripon 54. Edna J. Pestaño 55. Fortunato R Sagudo Jr, Taguig City, Philippines 56. Boy Salonga 57. Carmencita Fiel Go 58. Catalino Jr Bobon 59. Beatriz Gonzales 60. Lourdes K. Mercado-Balbin 61. Marco Baduria 62. Marco De Robert 63. Elisa Padilla 64. Bernardo Decal Albolote 65. Byng Garcia, Philippines 66. Vicky Cruz, Caloocan City, Philippines 67. Fhei Lacustales, Philippines 68. Ferd Canalija, Philippines 69. Rita Silo, Naga City, Philippines 70. Evangeline Espineda 71. JR Castillo, London, UK 72. Sergs Magbanua, London, UK 73. Joy Ison, Antipolo City, Philippines 74. Ate Thess, Tokyo, Japan 75. Vicky De Vera Bejo, Italy 76. Ed Aquino, Philippines 77. Arsenio Abogado II, Philippines 78. Anthony Bihis, USA 79. Caneth Idioma, Paranaque, Philippines 80. Florence B. Austria 81. Steve Camagong 82. Danilo Alejaga, Caloocan City, Philippines 83. Faran Bugayong, Philippines 84. Helen Grace Mangahis, USA 85. Ma Elena Zaballero, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 86. Joel Yraola Buenaventura, Qatar 87. Emy Angeles, London, UK 88. Oscar Galicia, Or. Mindoro, Philippines 89. Milagros Bondad, Surrey, UK 90. John Calub, Las Pinas City, Philippines 91. Rody Candelaria Lam Ko, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 92. Chi Sto.Domingo, Quezon City, Philippines 93. Mcharry Mendoza Ubaldo, Quezon City, Philippines 94. Miguel Madero, Philippines 95. Cesar E Encinares, California, USA 96. Leonora Bellosillo, Philippines 97. Ricardo John Borlaza 98. Nod Roque, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines 99. Pompeia L Beltran, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 100. Rolly Tuquib, Imus City, Philippines 101. Manuel Conde, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PETITION HAS BEEN SHARED OVER SIX HUNDRED TIMES ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA TO VARIOUS FRIENDS AND FACEBOOK GROUPS OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. Allan Amosin Danuya shared a post. 2. Anthony De Guzman shared a post. 3. Augustine Hermes Cabaies Yap shared a post 4. Banlasan Nyco Alebuang 5. Belen Quizon shared a post. 6. Bernette Adajar shared a post. 7. Binuhay MO Sampaguita Blossom shared a post. 8. Candy Jose shared a post. 9. Caneth Idioma shared a post. 10. Celia Lansangan Ramos shared a post. 11. Charito Marquez shared a post. 12. Chris Tomale shared a post. 13. Cynthia Borromeo Correo shared a post. 14. Dan Amosin shared a post. 15. Joe Bulaw shared a post. 16. Danilo Fulgasino Sr. shared a post. 17. Denny Ferrer shared a post. 18. Ebuenga Jr Redjie shared a post. 19. Edu Viloria shared a post. 20. Eduardo Bosch shared a post. 21. Emerito Banal shared a post. 22. Emmanuel Bulanadi shared a post. 23. Enrique Mendoza Dela Viña shared a post. 24. Ernesto Puno shared a post. 25. Fidelita Lagud Galia shared a post. 26. Fernz Servano shared a post. 27. Jingle Lapatha shared a post. 28. George Montiales shared a post. 29. Gerry Roa shared a post. 30. Gianni Versace shared a post. 31. Guda Paul shared a post. 32. Homer Burgos shared a post. 33. Jed Del Rio shared a post. 34. Jeffrey Sudario shared a post. 35. Jesie Corcino shared a post. 36. Joepert G Thompson shared a post. 37. Jordan Saligue Avenz shared a post. 38. Josefa Brizuela shared a post. 39. Juan De Mortego shared a post. 40. Jun Nieves shared a post. 41. Jun Ragnub shared a post. 42. Jun Santos Ragragio shared a post. 43. Leo Paras shared a post. 44. Leo Santiago shared a post. 45. Leonardo Jr Martinez shared a post. 46. Maellen Lupera shared a post. 47. Marcial Bonifacio shared a post. 48. Maria Misawa shared a post. 49. Maricar Royo shared a post. 50. Marlyn David shared a post. 51. Maybelle Flores shared a post. 52. Mengz Estolano shared a post. 53. Mila T. de Guzman shared a post. 54. Milagros Basa shared a post. 55. Moya S Gene shared a post. 57. Myrna Alcala shared a post. 58. Philip Manliguez shared a post to a group 59. Priscilla Sartaguda shared a post. 60. Recto Vidal shared a post. 61. Rex Vergara shared a post. 62. Reynaldo Malinao shared a post. 63. Roel Flores Encinas shared a post to various groups 64. Romeo de Luna shared a post. 65. Roseller Fabros shared a post. 66. S Gan Sy shared a post. 67. Sara Surima shared a post. 68. Semy Ramento shared a post. 69. Steve Camagong shared a post. 70. Susan Villegas shared a post. 71. Thelma Magante shared a post. 72. Toming Arriesgado shared a post. 73. Vange D Martinit shared a post. 74. Vinedee Reyes Tobias shared a post. 74. Vito C. Corneja shared a post. 75. Wernard Facio shared a post. 76. Zeus Salazar shared a post. 77. Ceazar Sunga shared a post. 78. Jose de Guzman shared a post. 79. Palabras Seite shared a post. 80. Bernie Manimbo shared a post. 81. Norma Devera shared a post. 82. Ruel Mana-ay shared a post. 83. Buboy Pecayo shared a post. 84. Pops Torita de Wit shared a post. 85. Estrella S Placides shared a post. 86. Rita Silo shared a post. 87. Noy Lake shared a post. 88. Cecil Dato-Bayrante shared a post. 89. Tessie Lebrun shared a post. 90. Alvi Cordero shared a post. 91. Roque Jr Secretaria shared a post. 92. Bing Robles shared a post. 93. Otreb Omano shared a post. 94. Leonila Torres shared a post. 95. Andie Bonne shared a post. 96. Rudy Flores shared a post. 97. Floriano Tapic shared a post. 98. Agnes Sta Maria Casibang shared a post. 99. Luis Alunan shared a post. 100. Sandy Morrondoz shared a post. 101. Lino Magno Sr. shared a post. 102. Mariza Perez shared a post. 103. Marissa Nicanor shared a post. 104. Jamilla Perlas Arculyes shared a post. 105. Lucio Pereli shared a post. 106. Victorio Llamoso Alvarado shared a post. 107. Edward Castro shared a post. 108. Archie Diaz shared a post. 109. Manny Dayson shared a post. 110. Joy Ramas Secz shared a post. 111. Danilo Chan shared a post. 112. Danny Masangcay shared a post. 113. Steven Pena shared a post. 114. Enrico Murillo shared a post. 115. Rocky Abello shared a post. 116. Francisco Bilbao shared a post. 117. Macky Calvez shared a post. 118. Francisco Bilbao shared a post. 119. Drage E. Slaacs shared a post. 120. May-am Mangubat shared a post. 121. Jorge Villamil shared a post. 122. Jud Carinan Taccad shared a post. 123. Edna Pangan shared a post. 124. Ricardo Timario II 125. Lino Nepomuceno shared a post. 126. Escudero Delector Zenaida shared a post to various groups 127. Edgar Mijares shared a post. 128. Maurita Calumba shared a post. 129. Gary Sevillano shared a post. 130. Raul B. Cornejo shared a post. 131. Dong Segovia shared a post. 132. Robert Kniazeff Lopez-Pozas shared a post. 133. Romeo Basabe shared a post. 134. John S Virzosa shared a post to a group. 135. Robert de Leon shared a post. 136. Jhun Bacasmas Jr. shared a post. 137. Matess Delapena shared a post. 138. Vange Lara shared a post. 139. Geofrey Buayan shared a post. 140. Bernardo Decal Albolote shared a post. 141. Rose Lim shared a post to a group. Adonis Dela Cruz shared a post. Aida Entila de Guzman shared a post. Albi Inguito shared a post. Allan Dela Cruz Pelejo shared a post. Almarinez Rosalie shared a post. Alwin Bobis shared a post. Amadeo Baylon shared a post. Amy Villacarlos-Mendoza shared a post. Andrea Agoncillo shared a post to various groups. Angela Strebel Perez shared a link. Anicia M Nucum shared a post. Anita Pelayo shared a link. Apollo de la Cruz shared a post. Arlene dela Torre shared a post. Bert Ilao shared a link. Budz Lipawen shared a post. Carmelita Realeza shared a link. Carlito Deocampo shared a post. Caloyamy Serrano shared a link. Caesar Ayop shared a link. Danni Vengano shared a post. Delfina Villanueva shared a post. Ellen Lucero shared a link. Emmanuel Rubio shared a post. Eric Abesamis Chan shared a post. Gene Alcantara shared a post to various groups.

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